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Discover the power of the sun with us!

We want you to know an alternative to start saving on your electric bill right now

Why should you transition?

Reduce your electric bill

Homeowners can achieve significant savings by installing solar panels. Benefits from reduced electricity costs and federal tax credits enable homeowners to secure average savings of more than $40,000 over the next few years


Become energetically free

When we rely less on fossil fuels for energy, we accomplish two incredible things: we save money in the long run and we help the planet be cleaner. That means less pollution and more money in your pocket over time. This is how we contribute together to have a better place to live

Contribute to change

Opting for solar energy is an excellent way to take care of our planet. Making the switch to solar energy is like planting more than a thousand trees every year. Today is the best day to think about how we contribute to taking care of the place where we live, knowing that a solar system reduces polluting emissions in the following years, what are you waiting for to join? 

Nelu Solar has so far…


Satisfied Homeowners

+6500 KW

of Clean Energy


of Metric Tons in Carbon Emissions Reduced

We value long-term relationships


We have the goal of being present in all the stages that your home needs in the goal of becoming energetically free.


Embark on a journey towards an energy efficient lifestyle with complete solutions from Nelu Solar. From planning and financing rooftop solar systems, to oversight, care, resources and support, we are here for you every step of the way!


Our services

We facilitate the transition to solar energy, so you get better energy service at a more convenient price.


Is solar the best option for your home?

Our engineering team is in charge of qualifying if your house has the necessary requirements to access solar! On behalf of Nelu we will be guiding you throughout the entire process! 

Personalized proposal

We know that every home is different

This is why once we understand that solar is an option for you... we design a proposal that specifically fits the needs of your home and your family.


It's never been easier

 In the past having solar panels was much more complicated! Today, our installation team does the job in the best way and in most cases in just one day, so you can start taking advantage of all the benefits of solar energy thanks to our 25-year service guarantees. borrowed!

See our work

What do our families say?

What we appreciated most was the personalized attention and excellent customer service. They were always available to answer our questions and concerns. Additionally, the installation team was fast and efficient, the panels were ready to go in no time.

Mariam, Tampa, Florida

We are enjoying the benefits of solar energy and noticing the difference in our electricity bills. We recommend Nelu to anyone considering making the switch to solar Nelu made the entire process easy and enjoyable for our family

Zory, Miami, Florida

We are delighted with the experience we had with Nelu! We decided to take the step towards solar energy and contacting them was the best decision. From the beginning, we were guided with kindness and professionalism. They helped us through the entire process, from the design and installation of the solar panels to the necessary paperwork.

Michael, Phoenix, Arizona

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