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We are Nelu Solar

We are here to serve you throughout the entire process of achieving electrical independence.

We work every day to support families like yours, who do not have an alternative to avoid the extra costs that electricity companies are imposing on them. This is our main goal to serve you through our free consultations where an expert will evaluate your house to see if Solar is really an option for you and your home.


We and our partners have more than 12 years of experience serving families. These years have allowed us to be at the forefront of finding the best solutions when choosing a specialized solar system for each home.

Top rated

The experience of the families that we have supported is always hand in hand with a pleasant story, many of the families that come to us do so through those who recommend our services because on occasion we support them in their home as well.

Custom solutions

Just as each family is different, so is each house… that is why we specialize in presenting proposals for your home specifically understanding what you need and what is the best option for you.


Solar is growing and needs people like you so that we can support more and more families. If you want to know about a unique opportunity in our Nelu Partnership program, contact us and be part of the energy change.

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