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Having solar has never been easier!

Previously, families who wanted to take advantage of the benefits of solar panels only had one way to do so and that was to go into debt No more! Nelu wants to show you alternatives where you can save from the first moment! 

Why choose Solar?

Long-term economic savings

Our main goal is for you to know how much you can save on your electric bill by transitioning to solar, for each family it is different depending on their home and on average they are saving between 10-60%. What are you waiting for to be next?

Energy independence

By generating your own electricity with solar panels, you reduce dependence on the conventional electrical grid. This will allow you to produce your own energy, eliminating the extra fees that they charge us and that in many cases we do not know what they are attributed to.

Increase in property value

Installing solar panels increases the value of your property by 4-6%. Many buyers are looking for homes that feature renewable energy solutions, which will make investing in solar panels a profitable decision.

Take advantage of federal incentives

The United States has the goal of reducing the high amount of polluting CO2, which is why it is supporting more and more families to transition to solar energy with a discount on their new solar panel bills.

How does Solar work?

Nelu takes care of the entire process from start to finish so you can take advantage of the benefits of Solar. It's very simple!


We take care of designing a specialized proposal for your home so that you only have to worry about what to do with the money you are going to save.


We apply to the program for you and your family so that you can take advantage of the benefits that the state has for you


We request permits from the corresponding entities such as the electric utility, the county and, if applicable, also your HOA.


 Once we have all the permits, we approve, we will proceed to install your solar panels

Switched on

Congratulations! At this point you and your family will begin to enjoy all the benefits of producing your own clean energy at a lower cost.

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